Capilia RSV Neo

Capilia RSV Neo


  • Rapid test to detect RS virus antigen
  • Allow accurate results; Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to read black line
  • Adoption of the latest nanotechnology, “Platinum-gold colloid”
  • Quick test results
  • Reading time is 3-5 min.
  • Extraction Buffer Sharing in Capilia Series
  • 1 sample can be used for 4 types of tests (Flu, Adeno, RSV, hMPV) at the same time


Product overview

  • CARS0970 (20 tests)
  • Kit contents: test plate × 20, extraction buffer 0.7 ml × 20, mouthpiece × 20
  • CARS0971 breadboard (10 tests)
  • Kit Contents: Breadboard × 10
  • Validity 27 months
  • Store at 2-30 ℃
  • Detection time 3-5 minutes

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