Seaweed production

“The Lumian AGS4000 will allow us to produce standardized algal biomass for extraction, refining and jet fuel testing experiments with our collaborators on the Air Force project at the University of Central Florida,” commented Professor Deng.

About Solix BioSystems
Solix BioSystems, Inc. is a developer of algae production technology designed to generate algal biocrude and other algal products on an industrial scale. Its proprietary AGS offers the ability to cost effectively produce algae products with high productivity and reliability. 

Solix commercialized the 4000 liter Lumian AGS4000 based on the market need for a high productivity,

The Company works with partners interested in utilizing its AGS technology to produce products derived from algae and to reduce CO2 emissions. Solix BioSystems is headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado and has a demonstration plant in Southwestern Colorado. The Company is venture funded. For more information, visit

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