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Feline coronavirus PCR kit

PCR-V177-48R Bioingentech 50T

Feline coronavirus PCR kit

PCR-V177-96R Bioingentech 100T

Feline Crosslaps ELISA Kit

SL0004Fe Sunlong -

OOIB00026-10MG - Feline IgG

OOIB00026-10MG Aviva Systems Biology 10mg

Feline Panleukopenia Virus Antigen/Feline Herpesvirus Antigen (FPV/FHV) Rapid Test Kit

HG011 EnoGene 10 Tests/Kit
Description: Contents: (1) 10 Tests/Kit   (cassette,disposable dropper,desiccant) (2) 10 Assay buffer tubes (3) 10 Sterile swabs (4) 1 Instruction manual

Feline Skeletal Muscle Cells

ABC-TC3419 AcceGen 1 vial
Description: Feline Skeletal Muscle Cells (FSkMC) are isolated from the limbal skeletal muscle. They are cryopreserved at second passage and can be cultured and propagated for at least 15 population doublings.

Normal Feline Plasma (Heparin)

abx098255-50ml Abbexa 50 ml


ABC-TC0956 AcceGen 1 vial Ask for price

REC-2615 (HCl)

530142 MedKoo Biosciences 10.0mg 295 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0100 Bachem 0.1mg 194.4 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0500 Bachem 0.5mg 457.2 EUR

pGADT7- Rec- 53

PVT11254 Lifescience Market 2 ug 444 EUR

rec Leptin (human)

H-5578.0200 Bachem 0.2mg 194.4 EUR

rec Leptin (human)

H-5578.1000 Bachem 1.0mg 457.2 EUR

rec Leptin (mouse)

H-5582.0200 Bachem 0.2mg 194.4 EUR

Our used TESTs in Pubmed.

Human Galectin-1 ELISA ELISA Kit

E16HE0311 EnoGene 96T 1000 EUR

Plant ketoolase, TK ELISA ELISA Kit

SL0105PI Sunlong - Ask for price

Human ELISA for Genistein ELISA kit

E01A4925 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Plant Spermine (bound) ELISA ELISA Kit

SL0103PI Sunlong - Ask for price

Glycolate oxidase (GO) ELISA ELISA Kit

SL0107PI Sunlong - Ask for price

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